About Me

Hello :) my name is Alia Nur Fitra and i have plenty nicknames. Some people call me Alia, Al, Tita or Fitra. Since most people call me Tita, i don't want to confuse anyone new because there's no "Tita" in Alia Nur Fitra. So i decided to use the name Alia Tita in all my social media.

This blog may seem so random (especially for the old posts), and i don't want to delete them because it's my diary since 2008. But yeah, this blog is mostly about my life and my food. Also some things i encounter in life, and some random thoughts too. I'm hoping this blog will be an entertainment and reflection for the future me.

Things i love in life are food, cooking, baking, traveling, beauty, and health.

P.s: BEWARE! posts from 2013 and older are EXTREMELY random and i don't have the time to hide my old self so... sorry if there's anything disturbing.