What A Tiresome Day

March 03, 2012

This post is about yesterday's diary. It was such a tiresome day. So many thing came up yesterday.The morning itself feels fine, but then things started to get busy on afternoon. 
The students who got the invitation card have to gather at makna room for more briefing and to pay for the invitation registration. Then, 4 students were ordered to go to this bank, let's call the bank XX bank. The 4 students was Hafidz, Fitra, Intan, and Me.
Before we go, we make sure all the things are ready. Apparently there's something wrong. we lost Rp50.000,- so we had to cover it up with our money. Then we went straight to the bank, and it was not such a great experience. The bank's manager was irritating. don't even wanna thing about that anymore.
And so on, the school ends, i was picked up by my dad and he asked if we were hungry, so yes! we went to RnB grill. it was a good restaurant and also that restaurant is my junior's. Tiresome but fine day and ended up with full tummy :)

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