John Lennon-ish

March 04, 2012

This morning i went to sunmor with my rvl friends. well, not all the rvl came, actually. it was only Me, Nisa, Linda, Yane, Ega, Megi, Nindy, Anan, Syarief, Gandar, Nova, Adit, Fino, and Rakha. Half of the group -including me- went there by bicycle. It was not far from my place, so i don't really got tired. While we were there, Anan and I sign up for blood donation, but sadly, the queue was long and the weather was not good, so we didn't made it to donate our blood. oh well.
Later on, we walk through the bazaar and i saw some shades on sale. it was cute, but because we were in such a hurry, i didn't got the chance to buy it. huhu. Fortunately, this evening my mom ask me to go out with her, and i found some cute shades (again) so i bought this 2 pairs of glasses :) yay!

PS: photos are taken using my dad's samsung NX11

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