February 28, 2012

From the title, you may think that this post is about my new blog layout :) NOPE! this is just a simple post about my daily activity about few months ago. Those was the days busy days preparing class meeting. Because i was a student council member -art departement- i was assigned to make some school decoration for the occasion. but sadly, as a -not good- council member, i took photos with my friend Mafiga and Shannon using Maf's G-Tab instead of doing my job decorating school yard. LOL

I personally think that my presence in student council doesn't meant a lot though, i was always going from earth every council meeting, and i'm not focused. I realized that and i'm very sorry for all that, but i'm still so grateful to be able to experience the organization life because it's important.

But eventually, i'm no longer an SC member, because the year has changed, and new members from my junior are running for the new student council. i wish them BIG lucks running the organization :) i hope they all become a good member (not like me) ;)

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