Snap Our Newbie

February 29, 2012

YAAAYYY!! i would personally like to welcome our new member :* :* i will love you too newbie! what did i got? ok, actually, this is not mine, but my dad's (i admit i stole it from my dad drawer bcs i want to try using it LOL). I've always love this kind of thing, this one baby is special bcs it's mini, it's not as huge as my Canon or Shannon's (even heavier). This small baby is amazing! i love the outcomes from this  Samsung NX11 cam. They have filters in there, and even better, it also have the ..... wait for it.... FISHEYE effect which i've dreamed about :3

look! i looks like baby elephant

anyway, i had so much things to do tomorrow, so, bye-bye-blog for now! see you anytime soon!

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