i'm singing my blues

February 26, 2012

BigBang with their new BLUE
I love this song! this song is so soft and alive :) plus TOP's voice is not so TOP-like. it's kinda different because his voice doesn't sound as deep as he used to. not making it long, here you go the music video.

I think Big Bang's song got me addicted. it's like im in a semi-VIP mode. Oh well, i liked k-pop anyways, so i don't mind being a VIP. But this is a bit of karma, because i laughed at my VIP friend. haha. karma does exist, eh?

Anyway, today my family plans to go to kaliurang for some photo hunting and relaxing weekend. But so far my family is just watching tv in the living room. I hope my dad remembers his promise to go today, because it's a great day for photo hunting. the air is so fresh today. let's see if i'm going or not on tonight's post :)

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