Haru Haru (Day by Day)

February 14, 2012

Ok, soooo... first of all.. this post is NOT about BIG BANG! ok, i understand this post will attract VIPs out there, so i'm just gonna make a simple introduction to this post. Once again -NOT ABOUT BIG BANG- hahahaha~~

I lied a bit there, actually this post contains Big Bang, but just a bit,
because i'm recently listening to Big Bang's Haru Haru. I know that song was like thooooousand years ago (exaggerating here) but i just love it. Try listen to it! you'll be addicted ;p

Oops! talked too much, i forgot why i wrote this post LOL! hmm to think about this post and why the tittle is Haru-Haru which means Day by Day, i'm kinda getting tired of being in the senior year of high school.

Day by Day i met books
Day by Day i met exam's preps
Day by Day i faced exams
Day by Day i learnt the same thing
Day by Day being nervous about University
Day by Day being curious about future
Day by Day no time to play
Day by Day met the same teachers
Day by Day, Day by Day, Day by Day......... *dies*

Speaking of university, there's this way to enter a public university (which is so hard to be entered) by university invitation. The students who are in the top 50% in their major got the opportunity to get the invitation, in my case, is 11 students. But this doesn't mean they are already accepted in the university, they still have to pass the test -this part is the hardest part- so they can be accepted in the public university they choose. Gladly, i'm one of those candidates. Thank God for this opportunity, please pray me good luck :)

I don't know what else i should write, actually i'm just gonna complain about my everyday life but i went a bit further, so.. here it is, a bit quote by an Anonymous.. thx for reading! bye for now :D

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