Dried Lava

February 26, 2012

So as you can all see from previous post, i was saying my dad had an idea to take our family for a weekend short trip. We decided we're going to Kaliurang and take the Lava Tour to see Mt. Merapi eruption's vestige back then in 2010. For short, we went to Telaga Putri and rent an off road ride and go straight to Mt. Merapi's summit. It wasn't as smooth as the story, the road was very bumpy (yes, it's off road, thankyou.) the view was so heart breaking. There are houses - burnt. 

But it's not all bad tho, the nature view was amazing! we are all hypnotized by the beauty of high view. here are some picts to the journey: 

This is a funny story, my little sister was afraid of the view and she covered her eyes all the way to the summit. She was no fun! but surely so cute! haha!

this photo bellow is the picture of Opak river, and the Dam, which we saw on TV back then when Merapi erupted.. it's now all sand. the water has gone somewhere

had a great time with my family :) thanks for the read :*

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