February 26, 2012

What the hell is BOOLETTOES?!

Don't be so curious ;p if you watched it carefully, you'll notice that i devide the blocks into "Boo" and "Lettoes". Still no clue? okay then, i'll tell you :) Boolettoes stands for Boots and Stiletto Heels. Which means, Stiletto Boots! Yup! you guess it right~
I got my very very very very very first stiletto and it's also a boots! I've gone through so many hardship(?) buying this shoe.. So many considerations. like if i buy it, when will i wear it? because i never wore anything similar to this before. but if i don't buy it, then i'll regret it later and keep on dreaming of boots. it was hard to then decide to buy it. i still don't know why did i bought it and when will i wear it.

PS: i accidentally broke my owl necklace. oh well it was cheap tho. so now the owl doesn't have the tail. be strong owl! i still love you, no matter what :)

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