Hey Again Sorry Sorry

September 08, 2011

So, yesterday i was hanging out with my friend from junior high school. miss her so much! haven't seen her in such a long period!

She went to my home and we chatted a bit. then suddenly her phone rangs and the music was fading sorry sorry. from that point i can see that she's also an ELF.. haha! so i asked her about it and it seems like she likes super junior but not as hardcore as i am lol!

So then we went to ambarukmo plaza for dinner. we went to solaria and i order seafood fried rice and they(my friends) ordered what the wanna order. after that we went to photobox to capture the beautiful moment haha!

And anyway after the photobox, i went to disk tarra to acompany my friend and i found the 3rd JIB of Syupa Jyunieo! the sorry sorry album! it was worldwide famous! it was pretty cheap. it's 75.000 IDR. about $7,5 and i wanna buy it but i don't have enough money at the time. so i let it go. and i also aiming for the 5th JIB Mr.Simple so i think i need to save money xD

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