The Boy Whose Pants Was Ripped While Performing

September 07, 2011

back again here! this is just a random post. i just wanna share some of my random thoughts! so,HENRY'S PANTS RIPPED WHILE PERFORMING!! Which Henry am i talking about? it's Henry Lau. The maknae(youngest) member of Super Junior's subgroup Super Junior M! it's this mochi guy!

On september 4th, he tweeted on his twitter "MY PANTS RIPPED WHILE PERFORMING PERFECTION...n i was wearin white ...." and then he tweeted again "Danced like i had to go to pee for half the song... Aaaahjdkdjxjswbwbshsjsbd" LOL! the netizens went crazy after seeing his tweet! and suddenly, "MY PANTS RIPPED WHILE PERFORMING" is a Worldwide Trending Topic on twitter. And i was using twitscoop to open my twitter and twitscoop have their own trending topic. well, something like that. And i it was awesome! pants, henry, ripped, performing, perfection, wearin, pee, danced, and even Aaaahjdkdjxjswbwbshsjsbd was trending! wwwooooww! DAEBAK STRINGSS! (fyi: string is what henry's fan called)

AND GUESS WHAT! SURPRISE! I RIPPED MY PANTS AS WELL -______-" it was the day before but it was 1:30am so it is counted as the same day right?! haha okey okey. i can say i ripped my pants while dancing to music like a crazy guy in my room performing too! oh Henry, we're so alike! *getting slapped by strings*

Oh and anyway! this is another 'epicness' of Henry Lau.. he posted a comment on youtube thanking Super Junior's fans, ELF for being supporting to the group's new album Mr.Simple and it seems like Henry is too happy for his hyungs and made a typo. He wrote EFLS instead of ELFS! henry i soooo funny! really! love him a lot! lol


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