After The Boring Holiday

July 17, 2011

hey! back in the line people! (omg i feel like that lady at universal studios) LOL. So, after the boring holiday i wrote before, i spent my other half with Almas's family at Singapore & Malaysia. Trust me... if i was asking you (before the holiday started) if you wanna join me and Almas to Singapore and Malay and you said NO..... you're gonna regret it! HA!

It was so much fun! we had a lot of LAUGHING TILL DIE moments! the trip was memorable and will always be! best trip ever! (since this is the first time i'm going SOLO on a trip) hahaha! hmm it was kinda scary actually thinking i might get lost at Changi airport when i'm going back to Jogja by myself. hahaaha

So, the trip begin from 3rd July - 13th July 2011. I met Almas and her sister Alya, and her mom at Adisucipto Airport. we take the morning flight to Singapore. the weather was nice.
Sooooo... when we've arrived at Singapore, we were like "Ok girls! find some hot Kpop star at this airport! watch carefully!" hohoho! and we were really trying to find those korean hot ass!

We didn't find any kpop star (sadly). so we went to this Beach Park (i forgot the name) and gratefully it was FREE! -this is was way before i know the 'money' system in Singapore- we had so much fun playing with sand, water, and we even climbed up a tree! outstanding! ahaha.. wild girls gone crazy!

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