A Typical Boring (Half) Holiday

June 26, 2011

Hey! it've been a while since i wrote. Hmm.. actually i just wrote here few days ago. but i just wrote my random thought. Haha hihi huhu hehe hoho. Ok seriously -_- this isn't funny at all.

Time goes by and suddenly the long term holiday came again ! it's not that i hate it or love it. Honestly, i'm nervous. This is the holiday between playing and serious. I'll be in my senior year next month. i went to school the day before yesterday with my mom to get my report card. The result was good enough but not excellent yet. i still have a long journey to go. I'm not ready yet. I haven't decide where and what major i want for collage. I still want to play.

now! back to the title! A TYPICAL BORING HOLIDAY! taraa~ To me, holiday is so boring. i NEVER went anywhere with my family in holidays. Its sad. The ideal holiday is far far away from my reality life -__- The dream holiday at a private island, living in mansion, walking by the side of the sea, (wild imagination alert!!) I'M TOTALLY BORED ! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

but i hope it'll be just for half of the entire holiday because next week i'll be going on a trip without my family. Where? it's a secret. byee! see you on my next post! probably when i'm on my trip :D

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