tricolor for best

June 05, 2010

YEY! i really have time to post some junk :D haha! i missed you blog :) this is very addicting yey blogger! longlast blogger! it looks complicated but, once you play with it, u'll be addicted!

i haven't wash my hair yet! omg it is very embarasing. its only when i want to wash it, i really dont have time or yet to tired :( well okey, so today i went to inna garuda hotel to do some bussines. the bussines is not done yet, and it makes me c-r-a-z-y! the requirement is too much, makes me wanna faint. i hope i can make it. if i dont, so, byebye holiday :( and what i wear today? once again i played with color. and.... i totally loving the result.

  • blouse : Connexion
  • pants : Log Jeans
  • watch : Tommy Hilfiger
  • Shoulder bag : Elle

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