tatoo with face deco

June 01, 2010

earlier at school, my friend Patty from W. and Egi from Egy's brought a cool stuff that they bought last week. its face-deco from AMOS! yuhuuy :D so we played with it haha :) i drew eye shadow for Nisa and Patty , it looks really good! i told you i might have talent in make-up artist. hehe :p too bad i didn;t take the picture of the eyeshadow :( 

face deco! to ta ly awsome! you should buy too! u can find it in gramedia (jogja)

Seriously! i have a great artist friend. his name is Adit. and he can draw super great! wowowow! i maybe underestimate boys drawing. but now i realized that boy's drawing is super! they really good at drawing. and here's one of adit masterpiece - i admit it is not really good-. but if you saw the real adit's drawing, u'll be ... WOW

he drew that on my hand with face deco

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