play your red

June 02, 2010

i like to playing with color. it is great to mix the color, like blue and red, what marc jacobs did with the bag! OH loooooveeeelyyy! so, today, i played with red and her sisters (?). so, i pick my red watch. and im gonna mix it with some nail polisher. check this, if you have this colors of nail polish, it'll look great with your red watch, 

okey i'll tell you the color (considering that the pict have nothing to explain) so, the left one is black nail polish. The middle is soft transparent pink nail polish. And the right one is maroon nail polish. i love the maroon one so much, because on my dark skin, the maroon nail polish make my hand looks brighter. haha :) ow bytheway, i bought the nail polish from strawberry shop. In Jogja, you can find it in ambarukmo plaza. the acc there are great too, you should come by :) happy shopping :)

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