Pixie Hollow

June 18, 2010

my friend Egy from Egy's just gave me a great idea for this post! She reminds me about cartoon i used to watch when i was younger. it's TINKERBELL ! yeah! almost everyone loves tink! shes the cutes fairy ever. And did you notice her fashion? Yeah! adorable! not only her, but also her friends from pixie hollow. Their fashion is totally "back to nature" i love it! even the smallest thing could be fashionable.

and some people make tink's fashion for their inspiration. and for cosplay to! check this. i found this, and i love how they make tink's stuff

pict from here

Cool eh ? they look really good. Im thinking about making a tink costume too, but in diffrent way. just thinking but it might cost much money and im eally in the midlle of poor here. haha. this is the one i want! :

pict from here

OH and one more! i found a very diffrent syle of tinkerbell, ever tought tinkerbell in emo? yeah rite! she's so dark but really flirty and cute.

pict from here

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