June 27, 2010

oh god, i haven't post anything sience two weeks ago, actually, i have, but it doesnt count. ahahaha. So, now, for my personal life, as a high school girl, i have the "high school" dilemma. yeah. choosing between social class or science class :'( many of my friends chooses science, because, science look better in everyones eyes. but! i love social class, seriously, i have good scores at social -,- and then.. i really choose social for next year.

BUT THEN! when my parents get my report card from my student advisor at school, my report card said, i will continue my 'journey' to SCIENCE CLASS ! OMG! i cant decide :(( so then, until now, i fell so stupid that i cant decide :( what should i do? my teacher said i can move to social class if i want. haha but now im so dizzy. please help me -,-

oh and yeah, my student advisor , mr.joko will move from our school. he quited. it is been a long time for us to understand him, and vice versa. but, we just wanna say sorry for all we've done before. we know our attitude was not good, and we regret it. but well, he is moving now. and thats all, we can only say sorry, and goodbye mr.joko. we wish you a better life, better carrier from now on. thx for all.

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