you will often see me wear ...

May 31, 2010

as i said, comfortable comes first! so, im gonna show you what my "uniforms" are. i really often wear those things. i dont know, it is because of the rule of the universe (what am i talking about?). oh whatever. the point is, often wear these :

why i wear blouse? because, one of my school's rule is 'must wear something with collar.' sooo, as a good student, and a fat student, i wear blouse, or sometime i wore polo shirt. haha.

T-shirt! love them! t-shirt is totally comfortable! i love wearing them in many occasion. not really, i wear them every day!

T-Shirt + jacket = is a must when i ride motorbike. i often ride motorbike, soo, here's my style.

only use your creatifity when it is a hot hot day at school! oh and bytheway, i really like wearing skinnys. it makes a fat girl looks slim. oh for a tips, if you're a fat girl like me, try to wear dark colored skinny. it'll make you look slimer than if you wear nude color skinny.

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