my dad

May 18, 2010

i cant stop writing in english! its fun! haha :) im not affraid of making mistakes, after all, i didn't say im a master in this subject am i ? okey, im gonna tell about my dad. He is now in japan. haah far awaay :( but! the thing is we (my family and i) can only contact him by calling via skype. yeah, my prob is that my laptop didn't have camera or we call it web cam. so it isn't that fun :(

Oh and by the way, sometime, my dad calls when he brings his friend in his apatoo (apartment) and it is a bit annoying that he talks to his friends while he is chatting with my family. but whatever. just like this time for example. my dad is calling rite now, but i hide the microphone under the blanket LOL! so that he can't hear me and my sisters. 

My sister need to study, so i turn down the volume. but then my dad call us and ask "hey, whats that weird sound? it sounds like a storm!" what! -_- he must be kidding us , god please. hohoho. So, that is the tips and trick for you who have a kinda dad.

But still, e all love our own dad aren't we? GREAT!

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