bmd orchestra

May 29, 2010

i have the ticket to BMD orchestra :D haha it is greaaat ~.~ i regret that i didn't watch RAN yesterday, so, im gonna have fun today! not as excited as i tought, but, at least my friends are there :~

i have the tickeeet~

woohooo, orcheestraa :) a very ordinary orchestra actually :) im gonna tell you what dress im wearing to Grahasabha! love love loooooovvee!  makes me looks veerryy slim, and the color... it is gorgeous, shiny, elegant, sweet, atractive, glamour! check it!

combine between black-transparent and red shiny satin

looks very glamour - picture quality is... BAD

the best of all! it makes me looks very skiny. haha totaly beautiful!

and the most stupid thing i realize, that i didnt take the pict of the orchestra! im too busy on watching it! :( regreeeeet!!! but after all, somebody must take it, i'll ask it from my friend :D haha, great!

oh anywaay, my sister is graduated from elementary school at the same time with the orchestra, so, it is all mixed together. the graduation night and the orchestra. that must explain why i wear formal dress ;p hoho wish you all a great night this sat-night !

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